An extendible simulation toolbox

Simulate biochemical signals 

With NeuroBox you can simulate biochemical signals in neurons at various levels of detail. Specify 1D or 3D cell geometries, add organelles, and membrane channel dynamics. 

Simulate electrophysiology

With NeuroBox you can combine electrical models with biochemical models. You can even set up hybrid-dimensional models, e.g. 1D electrical models with 3D biochemical models. Add Hodgkin-Huxley type dynamics and channel kinetics in a modular set up.

Large networks

NeuroBox allows you to simulate large networks of morphologically detailed cells. Using tools like NeuGen, users are able to import network structures into NeuroBox.

Extend NeuroBox

NeuroBox is designed in a modular way with an adaptive workflow UI. The toolbox libraries can be extended by importing new channel types, morphologies, synapse functions etc. Existing models, such as NEURON's NMODL files, can be automatically imported.

Built with VRL Studio and uG4

Built with VRL Studio, NeuroBox offers a flexible UI representation of project workflows. This makes NeuroBox accessible to users beyond mathematical experts. uG4 is a multi-physics simulation framework, it's numerical methods form the core of NeuroBox's ability to solve systems of partial differential equations.


If you are interested in trying out NeuroBox, simple download the required resources and load a sample project.